The Life for Light Association was conceived in Italian Switzerland by Elettra Marconi (daughter of the inventor of the radio) and Alessandro Pasquali (a young Italian-Swiss independent researcher) to continue and further Guglielmo Marconi’s discoveries and research. 

It is a non-profit organization which intends to brighten the future with the best potential for scientific research using light, mainly in telecommunications. 

The association counts among its members illustrious names, leaders from different sectors, and young talent. Each of these people have dedicated themselves to developing projects and making prototypes, and they each have important experience in this field. We can now provide the opportunity for these people to join forces and to effect a considerable increase in quality in this applied research.

The Association has many important goals, the most significant of which include:

  • Promote scientific research

  • Reduce electromagnetic pollution (EMF & RF radiation)

  • Contribute to implementing solutions for use in the health, medical, and environmental sectors 

  • Promote awareness for the protection of the environment and of living things
    Encourage young researchers and create employment opportunities

Activities are aimed at launching and completing initial projects of strategic value, from which further initiatives will arise.

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